Mira Duma


She was in the same store I was in at the same time, and I didn’t recognize her. Why!! One of my favorite fashion blogger/editor at the same store while I was there, & I missed it. !



Bonjour Y’All


Forty Five Ten is as you may have already figured out one of my favorite shopping boutiques in Dallas. This week after the Chanel Event you may have heard everyone is here from Paris and this boutique did not miss the chance if saying hello. Yesterday night the hosted an amazing VIP event called BONJOUR Y’ALL very private only the best. Today they are hosting another event with designer guest speakers that I am not missing for a thing!




Dallas Contemporary


One of my favorite galleries, the Dallas Contemporary the are very modern and have several artist around the world that consistently change. Also one of the places I am at the most for benefits and charity events. Great gallery!
(On the left Benji one of my good fashionista friends, on the Right, myself in one of my designs)